Luna PCI-E

Powerful Accelerator Cards with Strong Protection

Luna PCI-E

Dedicated Hardware-Based Key Management

SafeNet Luna PCI-E, is designed to protect cryptographic keys and accelerate sensitive cryptographic operations across a wide range of security applications. Luna PCI-E offers dedicated hardware-based key management to protect sensitive cryptographic keys from attack.

Life-Cycle Protection through Quality Design

The high-security hardware design ensures the integrity and protection of encryption keys throughout their life cycle. All digital signing and verification operations are performed within the HSM to increase performance and maintain security.

Reserve Bank of India Selected Luna PCI 7000 to Protect Real Time Gross Settlements

Please visit the Real Time Gross Settlements solution page for more details.

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Luna PCI- E

Operating System Support

  • Windows 2003 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2008/R2  (64-bit)
  • Solaris 9, 10 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Linux E4, E5 K2.6 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Debian 4.0 K2.6 (32 and 64-bit)

Client API Support

  • PKCS#11 v2.20
  • Microsoft CryptoAPI 2.0
  • Java JCA/JCE
  • OpenSSL


Cryptographic Processing

Asymmetric Key Encryption and Key Exchange

  • RSA (1024-4096 bit), PKCS #1, OAEP PKCS#1, 
  • Diffi e-Hellman (1024 bit)

Suite B Algorithm Support ECC Support

  • ECC Brainpool Curves (named and user-defined)

Digital Signing

  • RSA (1024-4096-bit), DSA (512-1024-bit), PKCS #1

Symmetric Key Algorithms

  • DES, TDES (double & triple key lengths),  RC4, AES

Hash Digest Algorithms

  • SHA-1, MD-2, MD-5, SHA256, SHA512

Message Authentication Codes


Random Number Generation

  • Luna PCI supports random number generation based on Appendix A 2.4 of ANSI X9.31
  • 1280 Object Limit

Physical Characteristics

Card type

  • PCI Express Card

Operating Temperature

  • 0°C to 40°C

Storage Temperature

  • -20°C to +65°C

Power Requirements

  • 12V@1.5A max. Max (FIPS Level 3 only)


  • 4.1” by 6.6”
  • PCI Express Base Specification, Revision 1.1



Electromechanical Specification



  • Revision 1.1 x4 link

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  • Hardware-secured key generation and storage
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated
  • Secure key backup
  • Accelerated encryption
  • Range of models and configurations, offering a wide selection of security, performance, and operational capabilities.


  • Ensures integrity and protection of encryption keys throughout their life cycle
  • Simplifies addition of secure, hardware-based cryptographic processing
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
  • Reduces risk  of liability
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