Luna SP

Secures Java™ and Web Services Applications

Luna SP

Simplified Development and Integration

Enterprises deploying security applications can streamline development processes, eliminate hardware duplication, and reduce ongoing operational costs with Luna SP.

Case Studies

  • Egg Bank Secures Electronic PIN Issuance/Management 
  • Qatar Central Bank Secures Electronic Transactions and Communications

Protected Application Environment

Applications installed on Luna SP execute within a protected application container to ensure that application code and system code are isolated, securing applications and their cryptographic keys.

Auditing, Authentication and Policy Control

Split administrative roles, including M of N multi-person authentication, and flexible security policy management, maintain tight control over sensitive administrative functions, including code loading and management of cryptographic keys. Rigorous logging features monitor access and cryptographic key usage.

Ethernet-Attached for Flexibility

Luna SP connects to standard TCP/IP (Internet Protocol) networks to ensure ease of deployment into existing network infrastructure. Two Ethernet interfaces with integrated firewalls can be used for services or administrative access.

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Secure Java Development Environment

  •  Java J2SE (JVM) 
  •  Xerces (XML parsing) 
  •  Apache Tomcat (Application and Webserver) 
  •  Apache Axis (SOAP) 

Cryptographic APIs


Cryptographic Performance

  • Luna SP 1.5 – Over 1200 1024-bit RSA cryptographic operations per second 
  • Luna SP 2.0 – 3000 & 7000 tps 
  • Luna SP 2.04 and SP 2.1– 3000 & 7000 tps 

Industry Regulatory Standards

  • Includes a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated cryptographic module
  • RoHS compliant
  • U/L 1950 (EN60950) & CSA C22.2 compliant
  • FCC Part 15 - Class B
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  • Two factor authentication-  includes multi-level access control
  • Protected application execution environment
  • Signed code
  • Application auto restart
  • Standard tools for rapid development
  • Connects to standard TCP/IP (Internet Protocol) networks
  • Integrated SafeNet K5 cryptographic engine is capable of up to 5,500 transactions per second to eliminate cryptographic processing bottlenecks


  • Luna SP can be deployed anywhere on the network
  • Leverages standard Java development tools for easy programmability
  • Facilitates development of custom applications
  • Optimized to support XML and Web Services applications
  • Reduces system overhead
  • Prevents unauthorized execution
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