Jet Infosystems

Jet Infosystems

14/1 Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya
Moscow, 127015
Russian FederationEMEA
Main Phone: +7 495 411 7601,
Fax:+7 495 411 7602

About Jet Infosystems

Our goal is to provide a dependable IT basis for the development of commercial entities and government institutions and to enhance the efficiency of their operations.

Initially offering the creation of corporate-level IT infrastructures, over the past two decades Jet Infosystems has developed much broader expertise to become a full-profile systems integrator with a wide portfolio of solutions and services, including specialized packages meeting industry-specific requirements. Today, due to the synergy between our various departments' expertise, efficient transfer of information and knowledge inside the company and an extensive network of regional offices, we are successfully implementing large-scale integration projects even at the national level.

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