Sentinel LDK Protection Keys

Strong Enforcement through Cross-Locking Technology

Cross Locking™

Sentinel LDK’s Cross Locking™ technology enables ISV’s to select the locking method once protection has been put into place. SafeNet’s innovative and unique Cross Locking™ technology enables to leverage any combination of hardware and software license delivery and locking options in a single solution with one set of tools.

Cross Locking
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Benefits of the Sentinel HL hardware-based protection keys

  • Utmost security – all Sentinel HL hardware-based protection keys employ a highly secure SmartCard chip providing the utmost security against malicious hardware attacks such Differential Power Analysis (DPA) and electron microscopy.
  • Highly Customizable – provides more real estate for the purpose of a personalized logo or text.
  • Future proof – add future functionality and enhancements to in-the-field deployed keys using our unique UpdateOnChip™ mechanism. 
  • Enables portability – the protected software can be used on any PC to which the Sentinel HL key is connected without requiring an active Internet connection in order to use or activate the software.

Benefits of the Sentinel SL software-based protection keys

  • Strong software-based copy protection in cases where protection with a hardware-key is prohibited.
  • Full ESD (Electronic Software Distribution) supports allowing you to sell, distribute, and activate your protected application over the Internet.
  • Instantaneous Activation - end-users can download the software and immediately start using it with its fully-licensed functionality.
  • The optional user registration process allows you to gather end-user specific information that can be later user for various marketing and up-sell activities.
Benefits of the Could-based services

For software vendors who would like to offer all or a portion of their offering as a service, SafeNet offers Sentinel Cloud, a quick and easy add-on to Sentinel LDK. Integration of the Sentinel Cloud APIs into the software products you wish to offer as a service will provide all of the same product packaging, provisioning, control, and usage measurement benefits enjoyed by Sentinel HL and Sentinel SL customers, and then some. To ensure ease of management, Sentinel Cloud is also fully integrated with Sentinel EMS, the entitlement management component of all Sentinel licensing solutions, including Sentinel LDK.

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