Sentinel LDK Trialware Feature

The ideal solution for creating secure, controlled demo versions of your software

Offering trialware is a powerful and widely used method for marketing all types of software, including consumer and business applications, as well as games and other embedded software applications. Trialware converts potential customers into paying customers by allowing evaluation of your software products and their features.

Sentinel LDK Trialware is a software-based solution for creating, protecting, and distributing secure demo versions of your software products. Because your demo software functions according to limited trial terms, it is important to ensure that these terms cannot be tampered with and that the software no longer functions once the demo version expires. Sentinel LDK Trialware ensures your Intellectual Property and software revenues are protected.

 Sentinel LDK allows ISV’s to easily deploy their software and reach a big audience using super distribution - similar to viral marketing. In this business model, ISV’s can sell their product to one user who ultimately shares it with other friends and co-workers. Then, if other end-users like it, they can purchase it as well.

LDK Trialware

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How Sentinel LDK Trialware Works:

Software Trial/Demo Features for Sentinel HL customers with KickStart® Licensing

The KickStart® licensing feature of Sentinel LDK enables customers licensing their applications with Sentinel HL  keys to offer fixed time-based software licensing to prospects and customers for evaluation or expedited fulfillment purposes. This feature enables software vendors to increase product evaluations and meet the needs of end-users who may not be willing to wait for the arrival of a physical hardware key to begin using the application.

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Super Distribution Features for Sentinel SL customers

Using Sentinel LDK Trialware to create demo versions of your software becomes your ultimate marketing tool—users who share them pass along secure, controlled demo versions of your software, creating a super distribution channel, increasing your revenue potential, and keeping your IP safe—true viral marketing.

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